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Speed ings Resume Builder has built-in best practices for theEurope and Middle East job market and works well with top ATS platforms such as Greenhouse and Lever
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Speed Wings Resume Builder stores data locally in your browser so only you have access to your data and with complete control

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Finding the right candidates was always a challenge until we partnered with SpeedWings. Their staffing solutions and attention to detail have significantly improved our hiring process.

Mr. Sharma
HR Manager

SpeedWings helped me secure my dream job with their excellent talent management. The guidance and support I received throughout the recruitment process were unmatched.

Ms. Tamang
Marketing Executive

SpeedWings’ HR consulting has transformed our human resource management. Their innovative solutions and commitment to excellence are precisely what our company needed.

Mr. Thapa

Questions & Answers

Q1. What is a resume builder? Why resume builder is better than resume template doc?

There are two ways to create a resume today. One option is to use a resume template, such as an office/google doc, and customize it according to your needs. The other option is to use a resume builder, an online tool that allows you to input your information and automatically generates a resume for you.

Using a resume template requires manual formatting work, like copying and pasting text sections and adjusting spacing, which can be time-consuming and error-prone. It is easy to run into formatting issues, such as using different bullet points or font styles after copying and pasting. On the other hand, a resume builder like Speed Wings Resume Builder saves time and prevents formatting mistakes by automatically formatting the resume. It also offers the convenience of easily changing font types or sizes with a simple click. In summary, a resume builder is easier to use compared to a resume template.

Q2. What uniquely sets Speed Wings Resume Builder apart from other resume builders and templates?

1. Speed Wings Resume Builder is designed specifically for theEurope and Middle East job market and best practices.
Unlike other resume builders that target a global audience and offer many customization options, Speed Wings Resume Builder intentionally only offers options that are aligned with Europe and Middle East best practices. For example, it excludes the option to add a profile picture to avoid bias and discrimination. It offers only the core sections, e.g. profile, work experience, education, and skills, while omitting unnecessary sections like references. Additionally, Speed Wings Resume Builder only offers a top down single column resume design as opposed to two column design, because single column design works best for AST.

2. Speed Wings Resume Builder is super privacy focus.
While other resume builders may require email sign up and store user data in their databases, Speed Wings Resume Builder believes that resume data should remain private and accessible only on user’s local machine. Therefore, Speed Wings Resume Builder doesn’t require sign up to use the app, and all inputted data is stored in user’s browser that only user has access to.